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Chongqing office decoration precautions

Chongqing office decoration is an important project, need to pay attention to the following points:

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  1. Reasonable space planning: Office space planning should be comprehensive and reasonable。Generally speaking, the modern office consists of the following parts: reception area, meeting room, tea room, manager's office, finance room, staff office, personnel office, etc。In the layout, it is necessary to meet the convenience and functionalization of the use of spatial organization functions。
  2. Design concept and goal: Office decoration design is modern, order and bright style, simple and practical。For lighting, heat preservation, ventilation and other high requirements。It should consider the following factors: considering the rationality of space division from the perspective of function;The perfection of the overall image of the office entrance;Improve the efficiency of company personnel, customer needs and characteristics。
  3. Regional division, highlight the key points: starting from the function, office decoration design reasonable division of space, highlight the design focus, beautiful and practical, is very important to enhance the corporate image。For example, the company's front desk should be a bright spot in the design planning, as the eye image of the company, the front desk must show the brand image of the company's positioning, simple and comfortable。The exhibition hall is the main part of the design planning, its role is to display the culture, brand and products of the enterprise, is an important platform to promote the brand image of the enterprise, deepen the customer's understanding of the company, so as to make it recognized。
  4. Construction wiring should be rigorous: the ceiling should be suspended with screw rod when the office decoration is designed,That's how it lasts,Wire hanging is not allowed;All the lines that need to be routed in the network wiring,Must use steel pipe,It can not be the common PVC pipe in home improvement,A wire box is also an iron box;Floor use floor,Easy to clean,And reduce the adsorption of harmful substances。During the decoration construction, pay attention to the layout of the wires, plan the relevant details of the decoration in advance, reserve the power supply, network and other interfaces, especially in the meeting room and other areas。
  5. Pay attention to the interior furniture layout of the office: in addition to choosing a concise type of office furniture, pay attention to keeping the daily clean and tidy。The office is also consistent in the direction of the seat design, and the placement of office furniture should also meet the feng shui conditions of the office, which is a demonstration of the centripetal force of the enterprise。
  6. Pay attention to space security: When designing office decoration, security issues should be considered carefully。First of all, to do a good job of electrical wiring, in addition to burying part of the line with the wall and ceiling, some can also be used to do ground wiring。Secondly, the layout of relevant safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, etc. should be comprehensive, and daily inspection work should be done。Office decoration materials and office furniture and other configurations, in addition to considering the external beauty and grade, but also pay attention to meet the concept of energy saving, environmental protection, sustainable use。

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